Since 2005, KLH capital has invested in 23 platform businesses employing over 2,400 families.  As partners, we worked alongside management to select and implement more than 20 technology systems in order to improve processes, analyses, and profitability.  In addition, we spearheaded 16 acquisitions that increased service offerings, product mix, customers and ultimately, equity value of the business.   We accomplished it all with great leadership by our management teams.

Apogee Translite/LumiNEXT
Victory Tailgate
Premiere Seals
BMI Merchandise
Data Display Systems
BluSki Restoration
BluSky Restoration
Atchafalaya Measurement
Mid State Machine
Mid-State Machine and Fabricating
CCM Wireless
CCM Wireless
ANS Distributing
ANS Distributing
Federeal Resources
Federal Resources Supply Company
Ground Works Solutions
Ground Works Solutions
Bell'O International
Bell'O International
Qualawash Holdings
QualaWash Holdings
Recovery Holdings
Recovery Holdings
Blake & Pendleton
Energy Hardware
Energy Hardware
Everlasting Granite Memorial Co., Inc.
Everlasting Granite Memorial Co.
Florachem Corporation
Nelbud Service
Nelbud Services Group
Florida Lawn & Garden
The Main Resource
The Main Resource
Militart Models Distributors
Military Models Distributors
Andrew M. Martin
Andrew M. Martin Co.
Coastal Resources
Coastal Resources, Inc.
Spectrum Corporation
Spectrum Corporation
Nations Fence
Nations Fence, Inc.
Bock & Clark, Inc.
Katzkin Leather
Katzkin Leather Interiors, Inc.
Eastern Pacific Apparell
Eastern Pacific Apparel, Inc.
Argosy Industries, Inc.
Polymer Extruded Products, Inc.
Breen Color Concentrates
Breen Color Concentrates, Inc.
Perky Pet Products
Perky-Pet Products, Inc.
Standard Tools
Standard Tools
Equibrand Corporation
Perfecto Manufacturing
Perfecto Manufacturing, Inc.
Manan Medical Products
Manan Medical Products, Inc.
M&R Marketing
M&R Marking Systems, Inc.
Atlantic Coast Fire Protection, Inc.
Aquarium Systems Inc.
Aquarium Systems, Inc.
PTN Publishing Company
PTN Publishing Company
Aspen Pet Products
Aspen Pet Products, Inc.
Prodelin Corporation
Consumer Product Enterprises, Inc.
Katzenberg Bros., Inc.
Katzenberg Brothers, Inc.
Rutland Plastic
Rutland Plastic Technologies, Inc.
Adva-Lite, Inc.
Niemand Industries, Inc.
New Horizon Auto Paint
New Horizon Auto Paint
Red Head Brass
Red Head Brass, Inc.
The Lorvic Corporation
The Lorvic Corporation
Quality Components
Quality Components, Inc.
CPP, Inc.