Management Buyout: Atchafalaya Measurement, Inc.

“We were looking for more than just capital.” – Nick Trahan, President

Shane Daigle and Nick Trahan visit their customer’s operations.

“Atchafalaya Measurement, Inc. (“AMI”) is a liquid and gas measurement company based in Scott, LA. We provide services and parts mainly to oil and gas producers.  I joined the company in outside sales to develop new business for the company.  Six years later, due to substantial growth from existing customers and new markets, I was promoted to general manager and asked to build upon my success.  I wanted help and asked that Shane join me on the team.  Shane had been with the company 17 years, getting in at the ground level and working his way up in the field.  Over the next three years, we worked together, effectively running the day-to-day business.  In early 2013, our bosses called a meeting to review our performance.  We thought a raise or bonus might be in store, but they had a much bigger opportunity to offer.  The owners were ready to retire and offered Shane and I the business.”

An Opportunity of a Lifetime

“Shane and I were excited, but very nervous and unsure which route to go for financing.  We didn’t have family members willing to loan us the money and the local bank would cover just a portion of what the company was actually worth.  We reached out to a friend who worked in investment banking.  He felt our story was compelling enough to attract private equity capital and so we began the process to find a partner.  Ultimately, for us it was a matter of culture and confidence in the KLH team that tipped the scale.  They also were offering the most generous equity ownership opportunity.  More important for us was knowing we would get the support we needed and, at the same time, respect for our knowledge of the business.  The KLH guys were sharp, they knew their stuff inside and out, and they conveyed it a way that was genuine.  They weren’t just high finance guys.  The more time we spent with them, the clearer it became they shared our personal values.  KLH was the best partner for us.”

A Partner that Exceeds Expectations

“Since closing the deal, we have hired 30+ new employees, expanded into new territories and completed one tuck-in acquisition – all of which we could not have done without KLH’s involvement.  KLH helped us recruit a controller and CFO, as well as an industry veteran to our board.  They also guided us through the evaluation and implementation of new accounting and mobile field ticketing systems, which streamlined our invoicing process and saved us thousands of dollars.   There is no doubt in my mind that we are creating exponentially more value working with KLH, than if we were working alone.  I am sincerely grateful for their partnership, support and friendship.”

– Nick Trahan, President



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