Tampa Bay Business Journal Interviews KLH Capital


by Margie Manning

One of the largest private equity firms in Tampa Bay has changed the investment strategy for its newest fund so that it can do more deals.  KLH Capital is willing to take a minority stake in the businesses in which it invests the proceeds of KLH Capital Fund III LP, which raised $135 million in committed capital.  “If we see people with a solid business model and they are a good management team, we hate to watch the opportunity to partner with them walk by, simply over the dogma ‘I gotta own 51 percent,’” Dowden said. “We were getting asked a lot of times and historically we said no. Now we can say yes. We think it opens the funnel a little bit.”

Dowden, along with two newly promoted partners at KLH, Christopher Hart and Kyle Madden, sat down with Tampa Bay Business Journal for a wide-ranging discussion about private equity.  Click here to download this interview as a PDF file.