KLH Interviewed by BKD’s PE TV

Below is a trailer for an interview of Will Dowden at a recent industry conference.

In the interview, Will gives a great overview of the KLH approach and beauty of the lower middle market as well as touching on a number of other topics, including:

  • Navigating uncertainty as a buyer and within a portfolio company
  • Positioning—demonstrating experience with “scars,” but not taking oneself too seriously
  • The secret to success, since “financial engineering” doesn’t work
  • “Knocking the cover off the ball” in a corporate carve-out
  • Vertical emphasis that produces revenue opportunities—why we focus in these spots
  • A “nontraditional approach” to fill out a PEG’s “bench” and why it works at KLH
  • How to make your company more valuable to private equity
  • The 100-day plan—how companies transition to PE ownership and buy into success
  • Addressing the “tough nut” of organic revenue growth
  • PE professionals’ inherent leadership: Can government benefit from the wisdom?

View the rest of the interview here.