KLH Capital Completes Recapitalization of Marek Sawing & Drilling

Tampa, FL – KLH Capital (“KLH”) is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the management team of Marek Sawing & Drilling, LLC (“Marek” or the “Company”) to complete a recapitalization of the business. Based in Houston, TX, and established in 2005, Marek is a niche provider of specialty concrete sawing & drilling, ground penetrating radar, and select placement services to the commercial, medical, industrial, transportation, highway & civil, and sports & entertainment end markets within the United States.

With over 100 skilled technicians, a top tier safety record, and a robust portfolio of MSAs, the Company differentiates itself by executing technical concrete cutting jobs focused on maintaining critical assets and infrastructure housed below or behind concrete slabs.

The partnership with KLH enables the Company and its management to accelerate organic growth, explore additional service offerings, and enter new geographic service areas throughout the US. “I have been blessed to witness firsthand the extraordinary growth, year after year, that the Marek team has accomplished! This new partnership will ensure that we are able to maintain the long time Marek family promise to our employees; that each team member maintains every opportunity to continue to grow and become the best professional version of themselves possible. It goes without saying that my family and I look forward to what the future holds within Marek Sawing and Drilling,” said Nick Marek, Founder. Jason Kopke, CEO added “KLH, with their vision, culture, and experience is the perfect partner to ensure our brand, integrity, and values remain the platform for rapid growth and market expansion across the country.”

“The team has built a fantastic business focused on small ticket yet highly specialized jobs, going far beyond the average maintenance provider, and we’re thrilled to welcome the team into our KLH family. Their growth is a testament to the vision, tenacity, and skillset of the team, and we are excited to partner with Marek as we continue to support their vision,” said Will Dowden, Managing Partner at KLH Capital.

Marek is an investment in KLH Capital Fund V, L.P. which raised $400 million in June 2023 to help founders, managers, and families create liquidity, solve succession planning, and build great companies. Over half of KLH’s current portfolio is made up of crew-based, industrial service businesses, giving KLH extensive knowledge to be a value-added partner to the Company’s leadership team.

Nick Marek, Jason Kopke, and the senior leadership team will be shareholders in the new partnership with KLH.

For more information about this transaction, please contact Will Dowden (wdowden@klhcapital.com).