Generational Transfers and Family Succession-focused Recapitalizations

So often we hear, “No, my business is not for sale. I am going to give it to my son,” or, “I would consider selling, but my sister’s, brother-in-law, and mother’s trust collectively own a majority of the business.” These are very common answers when the entrepreneur is thinking about passing the business down to the next generation or cleaning up and reconfiguring the ownership structure.

Not too many entrepreneurs are aware that they can accomplish both: 1.) Selling a portion of the business in exchange for significant liquidity/wealth they have built over the years, and 2.) “Passing” the remaining ownership to the next generation.

Private Equity can be a highly successful mechanism when the entrepreneur is interested in giving the business to family members of the next generation while also looking to receive the liquidity that is stored within the business.

In this webinar, Kyle Madden, Vice President of KLH Capital, covers the following in detail:

  1. What is a family succession-focused recapitalization?
  2. What to listen for and how to pitch Private Equity as a tool to unlock liquidity and pass the business on to the next generation.
  3. Case studies of M&A Source members finding Generational Transfer situations and turning to Private Equity for a solution.

Click below to watch the webinar: