Our Approach

One of the key differentiators of KLH is that we are ourselves entrepreneurs that are investing our own capital.  Over half of our capital comes from KLH partners and employees, meaning we can be true partners in every way. Like you, we are wholly committed to the success of the business and your team.



Good listeners make great partners.  We want to hear your story, understand your passion, fuel your aspirations, learn from your mistakes, celebrate your victories, share your knowledge and earn your respect. We believe the power of a personal relationship is unmatched.


We believe partnering means sharing equally in the business, aligning our financial and business interests, and bringing our shared expertise and experience to the table to identify the best opportunities for the company. We present simple, straightforward business agreements with firm goals and meaningful equity, and allow time for businesses to reach the potential we all envision.



KLH respects the legacies entrepreneurs have built and the personnel they have trained and mentored. We want to continue building on those successes, recognizing that our partners best understand how to run their businesses.



Our firm’s deep partner involvement gives business owners, management teams, intermediaries and independent equity sponsors direct access to decision makers to better facilitate successful processes in a timely manner.  In addition, our flat organizational structure gives us the distinctive ability to make decisions more quickly and respond more rapidly to challenges.



In the end, every investment’s success rests on the people involved. This is why we seek and foster healthy relationships based on trust and respect, allowing us to leverage our partners’ strengths and complement their weaknesses to build value in the most efficient manner possible.